Why Made-to-Measure?

With three new styles added to our made-to-measure offer, there’s no better time to revisit the unique benefits of this custom tailoring service.

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You’ve heard it said before, but when it comes to tailoring the most important thing is fit. We go to great lengths to ensure our ready-to-wear suits fit beautifully – and indeed they do – but for those who require something more precise, there’s our made-to-measure service. We can’t all be the same shape, after all.

Once when you’re ready to book your initial consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Equally, if you have some questions then drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. The made-to-measure service is available at our Albemarle Street and Floral Street shops in London, our Wooster Street shop in New York, and our Melrose Avenue shop in LA.

Of course, it’s not only the item’s fit which can be customised, but practically everything: the fabric, the lining, the buttons, the lapel shape – even the colour of the felt under the jacket collar. The process begins by selecting one of our existing tailoring blocks to use as a starting point, making it incredibly easy to get exactly what you’re after. Choose from the bestselling Soho suit (in both its daytime and evening forms), the classic Mayfair, or an elegant double-breasted style. Using a pre-existing block makes made-to-measure ideal for those who want high-end tailoring but don’t need the total freedom that full bespoke offers.

We could go on and on about the many wonderful aspects of the made-to-measure service, but none of that means much if we don’t talk about what it’s good for in practice. Here are some suggestions…

For an Occasion

Dressing for a wedding or formal function? Consider our Soho evening suit with satin peak lapels – a highly elegant choice that feels appropriately special for a special occasion. If black tie isn’t your thing, then opt instead for our beautiful double-breasted suit, which is the definition of classic.

For the Office

The made-to-measure service is perfect for creating a sharply cut business suit. Our Soho and Mayfair styles are perennial classics, each available as suits or separates. If you’re looking to build a new work wardrobe then this is the route to go down.

For Life

Perhaps you’re not looking for a suit for a particular purpose, but rather something unique to simply wear and enjoy. Maybe you’ve always wanted a boldly checked tailored jacket, or a double-breasted suit in a particular shade of pink – the kind of thing you’ve long been looking for but could never track down. Our team can help make this fantasy garment into reality.

Check out our dedicated made-to-measure service page for more information.

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Published: 02.24

Words: Nathan Sharp