Paul Smith was delighted to be tasked with developing, dressing new recruits Agents H and M.

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In collaboration with costume designer Penny Rose, Paul created custom pieces for the film’s key characters and wider cast, offering a typically unique take on the famous black suits worn by the universe’s most formidable alien policing organisation.

Penny Rose

From the moment I met with Paul, I knew it was going to be a very advantageous relationship. The suits look great and now that filming is over, I look back with great affection on this collaboration. This will be the most sartorially elegant Men In Black ever".

Together, Penny and Paul designed tailoring for the film’s main characters, Agents H and M (Tessa Thompson). To bring a little personality to proceedings, the black suits featured printed linings and were paired with colourful striped socks, adding flashes of Paul Smith colour to the recognisable Men in Black uniform.

Fittingly, the suits were also cut from the same high-twist wool cloth used to make our A Suit To Travel In, a suit that’s incredibly crease-resistant, comfortable and allows for a full range of movement (we imagine that presumably comes in useful when you’re a member of an secret alien surveillance agency).

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Fans of the franchise also welcomed back Agent O, played in the film by Emma Thompson, who also wore a one-off Paul Smith design. Alongside dressing the cast, the designer also released a limited-edition capsule collection based on the pieces worn in the film.

When I was invited to get involved in the return of the Men in Black films I was delighted. I’ve designed suits for earthlings for my entire career so the opportunity to take things to another dimension was too good to refuse!

Paul Smith

You may even have spotted a cameo by the man himself…

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Costume Design: Penny Rose