Our Signature Stripe Balloon Takes Its Sophomore Flight

We take to the skies once more in the handmade Signature Stripe balloon to capture it against the backdrop of the magnificent Mojave Desert. And we took a few friends along on the ride…

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When our Signature Stripe balloon first took its maiden flight, it was just after the world had opened up again. A symbol of optimism ­– much, you could say, like the Signature Stripe motif itself – it represented something hopeful and a certain cheerfulness about what was in store after so long behind closed doors.

The Paul Smith Signature Stripe Balloon was created from over 1000 metres of fabric and a whopping 5km of thread.

Wrapped up in that message was another theme at the heart of our Signature Stripe collection: craftsmanship. Meticulously made by hand in one of the last remaining balloon-making workshops in the UK, the 22.6m tall balloon is the result of painstaking work by a group of expert artisans. Much, again, like our Signature Stripe.

It took the craftspeople an incredible 200 hours to painstakingly stitch the Paul Smith Signature Stripe balloon together.

Which brings us to our latest stop on the tour: the Mojave Desert in Nevada. About an hour’s drive from the bright lights of Las Vegas, the peaceful spot was picked for its awe-inspiring beauty and tranquil environs ­– the perfect stage for our sophomore flight

Pahrump, near where the balloon launched, is said to be the site of buried treasure and is where the Martians land in Mars Attacks!


Being part of the balloon launch was such a sweet first-time experience... I felt joy, I felt strength, I experienced fun in the most beautiful ways… My favourite thing about the experience is simply feeling vibrant and connected to my inner child.


Being part of this experience, I got to meet great people. It was a one of a kind experience. The whole team was amazing, it was fun and adventurous and the coordination of journey from beginning and end was amazing.


My favourite part about the shoot was definitely the location. I’d never been to Vegas before, so to be taken out to the middle of the desert and to experience first-hand the storm that took place as we were arriving was pretty magical.


It’s no surprise to me that the simple yet careful-crafted and well-tailored Paul Smith Signature Stripes lives up to its standard as a modern classic. I feel free as ever in such breathable material.


I felt very chic and classy wearing Signature Stripe, it is indeed a signature look.


It feels great to be wearing the signature stripe – it’s such an integral part of the Paul Smith brand. When I think of Paul Smith, I immediately think of the Signature Stripe.

Our Signature Stripe

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Published: 10.22

Words: Molly Isabella Smith