Five Ways To Wear Our Signature Stripe

A Paul Smith icon, our Signature Stripe can be found across our collections and designs. Here are just five ways you can add it to your wardrobe (and spruce up your surrounds).

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In many ways, stripes have become a neutral in our wardrobes. Take a traditional Breton top in navy and white – it’s worn much the same way you would a plain tee these days. Paul Smith’s Signature Stripe functions in much the same way – sure it’s bolder and more colourful, but it’s a bona fide classic. It looks and feels effortless. Which is why we’ve come up with five different ways to wear it, from making an all-out statement to adding a finishing touch here and there. Because, after all, who wouldn’t want five ways to look and feel effortless?

Make A Statement

There’s an argument that having spent so long indoors wearing, shall we say, less than formal getups, that we’re about to embark on a new roaring twenties, something akin to a Gatsby-esque era of excess and indulgence after the lows of lockdown. Whether or not you subscribe to that way of thinking, it’s easy to understand the general impulse to make a bit more of a splash with our wardrobes. Along with colour and print, stripes are one way to do that. Paul Smith’s all-over Signature Stripe pieces have the benefit of being able to be dressed up or down, too, which means you’ll be set for all sorts of occasions and eventualities – even a party in West Egg…

A Subtle Nod

Even though we consider our dress codes more relaxed these days (thank you WFH), there are still particular norms in place for the workplace or formal events ­– when you need to look polished, for example, a tie-dye T-shirt is probably not going to make the best impression on that front. But that doesn’t mean we all want to look like carbon copies of each other. That’s where it pays to, well, pay attention to the little things: a colourful lining on a suit jacket, one of Paul Smith’s hallmarks is one way. Another is the way the designer deploys the Signature Stripe in subtle ways as a cuff trim, perhaps, or even as a logo-like detail on a lapel. Keep an eye out for these subtleties ­– you’ll spot them on everything from tailoring to tees.

Add A Finishing Touch

Searching for the secret to a stylish outfit? It probably won’t surprise you to hear that it’s not about cladding yourself head-to-toe in the most expensive or flashy clothes you can get your hands on – nor, incidentally, is it rocket science. In fact, it all comes down to the details: those little things that add up to more than the sum of their parts. Accessories can lend a helping hand on this point and can go a long way to upgrading an otherwise ordinary getup. A pair of Signature Stripe cufflinks here, a leather belt with a colourful trim there, and you’ll find your look is elevated instantly.

Sleep Tight (In Stripes)

In the grand scheme of things, we’ll readily admit it doesn’t really matter what you wear to bed. So long as you’re putting comfort first, that is. But consider this: isn’t it nice hitting the hay and waking up in a pair of crisp cotton pyjamas rather than the ‘any old tee and underwear that’s seen better days’ rut we can often fall into. Sure, investing in proper pyjamas and sleepwear is not going to cure anyone’s insomnia, but making even a little effort in this department has much the same effect that making an effort with our 9-5 wardrobes does: you’ll feel like new. From robes and dressing gowns to cotton PJs and camisoles, Paul Smith’ Signature Stripe sleep and loungewear selection has plenty to pick from.

Upgrade Your Surrounds

Yes, yes, we know… this suggestion is not technically wearing Signature Stripe but bear with us. Given that our homes say as much about us as our wardrobes do, there’s much to recommend applying your style philosophy to your surrounds, too. We’re not talking a complete remodel (unless you’re so inclined) but peppering your humble home with a few bits and pieces that – quite literally – brighten up the place will likely have a similar effect on your disposition.

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