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Allday Goods

We spoke to the founder of Allday Goods Hugo Worsley about how he got started as well as our new collaboration: limited-edition steak knives made entirely from recycled plastic sourced from the Paul Smith offices.

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One of the hardest things about setting up your own business is getting the name right. Land on the perfect one, and it can do all the hard work of encapsulating the ethos of your endeavour succinctly. For Hugo Worsley, evidently, he landed on a winner when he decided to call his brand Allday Goods.

It all started in lockdown. With a background in the food industry and plenty of hands-on experience in the kitchen, friends – who had taken to cooking more elaborate dishes at home while restaurants were shuttered – began asking for recommendations for the best knives to buy. Finding a gap between high street and high market options, Hugo ­– who admits he has something of an entrepreneurial streak – decided to create his own. “I've got quite an overactive mind and I'm like constantly looking for new ideas,” he explains.

His long hours working in kitchens had also alerted him to the tricky issue of restaurant plastic waste. After setting up a small food kiosk in London’s Peckham Levels, he was shocked how much rubbish ended up in the bins by the end of service – even though their set up was tiny compared to larger venues. “You dig a bit deeper and you learn that the recycling system is pretty fundamentally broken,” Hugo says. “And a lot of what we think is getting recycled in the UK actually isn't.” The poeticism and circularity of taking waste from the industry and turning it into something else, also wasn’t lost on him. “I thought, ‘I wonder if I could use that waste to turn it into something which can be sold back into the kitchen’,” he says. So, he got to work.

That’s the case with the new limited-edition set of Paul Smith steak knives, which are a first for Hugo, and are made from plastic waste sourced from our HQ. Hugo met Paul on a visit to the offices and the two recognised a shared passion for innovation and sustainable design.

As beautiful objects in their own right, ultimately, Hugo sees the knives as a conversation starter. “It’s a small product, but it has a really big powerful voice and message,” Hugo explains. “I want people to see them and ask and talk about them.” It’s one of the reasons why the coloured handles are so important – and not simply because it shows that they are made from materials that used to be something else. They’re eye-catching. “Hopefully the steak knives become a talking point at the table.”

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Published: 21.11.2022
Photography: Ozzi Sanderson
Words: Molly Isabella Smith