How to set up your watch

Discover the features of your Paul Smith watch and learn how to correctly set it up.

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Setting the time

1. Pull the crown out to position 2 .

2. Turn the crown to set hour and minute hand.

3. When the crown is pushed back to the normal position, the second hand begins to run.

4. To set the day, you must advance the hour hand by 24 hours for each day.

Setting the date

1. Pull the crown out to position 1.

2. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the date - if the date is set between the hours of 9:00PM and 1:00AM, the date may not change the following day.

3. After the date has been set, push the crown back to the normal position.

Using the chronograph

The chronograph is able to measure and display time in 1/10 second units up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Measuring time with the chronograph

1. The chronograph can be started and stopped each time button A is pressed.

2. Pressing button B while the chronograph hands are moving will stop the hands to display a split time while continuing to measure the time. Pressing button B again will release the hands.

3. Pressing button B after stopping the chronograph hands using button A resets the chronograph hands to zero.

Adjusting the chronograph hands

This procedure should be performed when the chronograph hands do not return to zero position after the chronograph has been reset and after the battery has replaced.

1. Pull the crown out to position 2.

2. Press button A to set the chronograph 1/10-second hand to the zero position. Press button B to set the chronograph second and minute hand to the zero position. The chronograph hands can be advanced rapidly by continuously pressing a button.

3. Once the hands have been zeroed, return the crown to the normal position.






Précision Jour/Date

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Précision Chronographe

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