How To Care For Your Watch

Paul Smith watches contain high precision electronic components. To ensure long use and trouble free operation please follow these simple guidelines for watch care.

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Avoid leaving your watch in direct sunlight, extremely warm or extremely cold locations for long periods of time.

Avoid wet conditions unless your watch is suitable for them. Never operate any of the function buttons or crown when the watch is submerged in water. Should water or condensation appear in the watch face, have it checked immediately. Water can corrode electronic parts inside the case. Avoid extreme shock or impact. Your watch is designed to withstand impact under normal use.

Avoid strong electric fields or static electricity which could harm the watch mechanism. Generally, your watch is not affected by magnetic fields from such household appliances as television sets and hi-fi equipment.

Keep your watch clean using a damp cloth only. Avoid using soap or other chemicals which could damage the watch. After salt water use, rinse the watch under clear water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Regularly Service the Watch

Your Paul Smith watch must be serviced regularly, at intervals which depend on utilisation. In particular, the water- resistance of a watch is limited. The gaskets must be periodically replaced, depending on how often and how long the watch is worn in water.

We recommend having your watch checked once every other year to ensure long use and trouble free operation. Certified Paul Smith time centers will be pleased to advise you.


As the battery in your watch is a monitor battery inserted at the factory, its actual life once in your possession may be less than the specific period. If the battery runs down, be sure to remove it as soon as possible. Do not leave the old battery inside the watch.

Leather Straps

Paul Smith high-quality leather straps are manufactured using the best materials. As with any leather-made product such as shoes, gloves and belts, their life span varies much according to wearing conditions. Water, perspiration and cosmetics will hasten the ageing process and may cause colour severance.

Cases and Metal Bracelets

Paul Smith watch cases and metal bracelets are manufactured using the highest grade of stainless steel, titanium or aluminium and are designed for optimal wearing comfort. Rinsing and brushing under clear water will help keep your watch shiny and is highly recommended after bathing or swimming in chlorinated or salty water.

Rotating Bezel

Various models of the Paul Smith collection includes a ratcheted, unidirectional rotating bezel that turns counter- clockwise, allowing its wearer to determine a moment in time by means of the arrow marking or a given time span thanks to the minute markings engraved on the bezel.

Screw Down Crown

Various models of the Paul Smith collection have screw down crown. If you attempt to pull the crown out for time and date setting and it does not pull out easily, you may need to unscrew your crown before pulling your crown out. This is done by turning the crown counter-clockwise until it is completely unscrewed. Your crown will now pull out easily for time adjustment. To return crown to normal position, push in gently and turn clockwise simultaneously. Do not forget to screw back the crown after adjustment in order to keep the watch water resistant.


Never operate any of the function buttons or the crowns when the watch is wet, humid or submerged in water. Water leakage and/or damage caused under these circumstances will not be covered by the guarantee.

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