Reducing Waste and Emissions

We are committed to reducing waste and consumption while increasing recycling. This is a policy that’s being applied across the whole of Paul Smith, from our shops through to our warehouses, offices, and design studios.

500kg of fabric from going to landfill

Supporting renewable energy

Solar panels

We have introduced fabric recycling bins in our Nottingham design studio, which have already saved 500kg of fabric from going to landfill - the equivalent of 3,300 t-shirts.

To accomplish this, we have been working with First Mile, a company that helps others to reduce their carbon footprint.

Leftover fabric has also been given new life as product bags for our outlet shops, small gift bags for our shops in the UK, and as face masks.

Reducing consumption is also company-wide commitment. Automatic lights and energy saving bulbs have been installed in our warehouses and offices. You can ask for an e-receipt in our UK and US shops, instead of using unnecessary paper. We’ve also introduced a PIN printing system in our Nottingham and London offices, which helps to reduce energy and paper usage.

Supporting renewable energy is another step in this process. In the UK, 100% of our gas supply is from green sources as of 2020. We aim to roll out this change worldwide, working closely with owner-managed premises to encourage change. Additionally, at our Nottingham warehouse, we have fit the roof with solar panels, and will be installing 14 electric vehicle charging points, for employees and visitor.

In Paris, we have been working with Cedre, a recycling company, since 2012. Since the partnership began, we have saved the equivalent of 180 trees.

Some further measures:

Furniture is reused around the company, resold, or sent to auction

We use reclaimed parquet flooring in almost all our shops

We reuse mannequins from our retail shops for wholesale merchandising

Our offices and shops use Nespresso coffee pods, and we take advantage of the brand’s coffee pod recycling programme

And, sustainability will be a key consideration in all shop design concepts

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