Playful Elegance: On Wedding Style

Whether groom or guest, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to push your style in new directions.

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Most of us have been to a wedding or two in our time. Others – whether they wanted to or not – have attended significantly more. And yet the issue of what to wear when the big day rolls around remains an alarmingly common source of sartorial anxiety. There was a time when what one should wear to a wedding – whether groom or guest – was clearly prescribed, but we have moved well beyond those days of restrictive dress codes. This is, of course, largely a good thing, but with all of that fashion freedom comes the wardrobe-based equivalent of an existential crisis: if I don’t have to wear a dark wool suit, white shirt, black oxfords, and a tie, then who am I? Or, to tone down the drama slightly, what on earth do I wear?

It's worth noting here that the traditional look is still very much a viable option, and one that we’re rather fond of. The classics are classic for a reason, and the dark suit + white shirt + tie combination will always = elegance. But when it comes to tailoring, one size definitely does not fit all – as much figuratively as literally – and with the stuffy old rules dead and buried, the options are endless. Whether you prefer time-tested or ultra-modern, minimalist or maximalist, there’s something to cater to every conceivable taste.

If you’re the one tying the knot, then why not make the most of being the centre of attention by wearing something out of the ordinary? It is your star turn, after all, and you can wear a plain navy suit any day. You don’t have to go for hot pink mohair, but there’s certainly room to push the envelope. This goes for the brides as well as the grooms – we don’t sell wedding dresses, but we do sell beautiful women’s suits that couldn’t be more perfect for a day in the spotlight.

And if you’re a guest then there’s no reason why you can’t steal a little bit of the spotlight for yourself (within reason, of course). A bit of unexpected colour, such as lavender, light blue, or burnt orange, can move traditional tailoring into new territory without causing too much of a stir. Equally, an engaging pattern, some subtle texture, or a small detail like a peak lapel can help to cement your status as the intriguing, effortlessly stylish wedding guest that everyone wants on their table.

We’re of the feeling that a good outfit is one which properly reflects the occasion for which it is worn. A wedding is a momentous occasion, calling for glamour and elegance from its attendees, but it is also a joyous thing, allowing for a fun, playful approach to getting dressed. Whatever your role on the big day, and whatever your personal taste, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to push your style in new directions.

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Words: Nathan Sharp