Treat Yourself: 10 Gifts Too Good To Give Away

Once you’ve ticked your nearest and dearest off your present-buying list, invest in yourself with a spot of self-gifting. Our edit includes slippers, PJs, candles, beauty treats and more.

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Even the most generous gift giver deserves a few treats for themselves over the holiday period. Aside from the traditional festivities with family and friends, it’s also customary to use this time away from the office to get some much-deserved rest and time to ourselves. In that spirit, we’ve put together a selection of presents designed to be given from you, to you, to aid in your relaxing endeavours. Enjoy!

The Moisturising Hair Oil

As party season winds down, you may find that those late nights have taken a bit of a toll and you’re in need of a little TLC. Enter Haeckel’s, a Margate-based beauty and grooming brand that specialises in using natural, no-fuss ingredients. This hair oil set – which includes tomato seed, pumpkin seed, broccoli seed and kelp bioferment oils – will help repair damage caused by heat-styling as well as add moisture to locks that have been dehydrated by over-zealous office air con and central heating.

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The Relaxing Eye Mask

While we’re certain the above hair oils will become a staple in your routine, they very much fall into the remedial category ­of beauty products – erasing the evidence of damage rather than preventing it. And prevention, after all, is better than a cure. While this pure silk eye mask won’t perform miracles, it will ensure your much-needed rest isn’t interrupted by light and will provide protection for the delicate skin around your eyes.

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The Cosy Slippers

As we get deeper into the winter months, a pair of slippers is must. But it’s hard to get the balance between cosy and comfortable and robust enough for long-term use just right. This Verne pair seem to tick both boxes: they have a shearling outer so you can be certain they’re extra snug and soft, but they also boast a leather sole so you can be sure they’ll last you winters to come.

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The Soothing Candle

As the buzz of holiday season wears off, we imagine you’ll want to spend a little time unwinding and indulge in a spot of what has come to be known as ‘self-care’ before you drag yourself back to the office. And what would an unwinding session be without a soothing candle. This Daydreamer one from our debut collection features dreamy notes of lavender and calming clary sage.

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The Soft Blanket

You know that period of time between Christmas and New Year, before everyone goes back to the office, when the various festivities have all blurred into one and no one has any idea what day it is? Those days are the sorts of days this blanket was made for. Knitted from soft cashmere and wool, it’ll be just the thing to shut out chills as the temperature dips into January, too.

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The Satin PJs

All that winding down isn’t necessarily an excuse to look sloppy in the process: besides, there’s something particularly decadent about dressing up to stay in. We use the term ‘dress up’ loosely here, of course, given that you still probably wouldn’t get away with leaving the house in these PJs. Still, the satin fabric feels extra luxurious and will help you look the part when you’re indulging in all that much-needed R&R.

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The New Notebook

Your new year resolutions are, of course, your prerogative, but if you’re anything like, oh, 99% of people, you’ll surely find yourself buoyed by the idea of embracing the ‘new you’ as the countdown to 2023 begins. With plenty of space to set out your best-laid plans, this notebook ­– which is patterned with our colourful Artist Stripe motif ­­– will see you into the new year in style.

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The Signature Scent

Picking a fragrance for yourself is hard enough, let alone pinning down your so-called ‘signature scent’. It’s something that some people settle on early in life or spend years searching for – if you’re in the latter camp, we’d suggest expanding beyond well-known scents and opting for something a little more niche. Boutique brand 19-69’s elegant L’air Barbes, which recalls the spirit and style of Paris, fits the bill perfectly.

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The Plush Towels

As one of life’s everyday necessities, we don’t necessarily think of towels as something worth investing in. But consider how often you use them and the economics of splurging on luxury versions of essential items starts to make a lot more sense. We promise you’ll thank us when, post-soak in the tub, you wrap yourself in these super plush towels from our new home collection, which are made from premium cotton-terry.

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The Mindful Puzzle

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that puzzles are good for keeping your mind sharp, but less taxing types ­­– jigsaws in particular – are also ideal when you’re taking things easy, whether alone or with company. This 1000-piece one from Kinstler, a brand that showcases the work of contemporary artists, is patterned with a reclining Bodega cat by painter Simone Johnson ­­­­and will keep you occupied for hours.

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Published: 11.22

Words: Molly Isabella Smith