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The MINI Strip (co-)created by Paul Smith

Two icons of British design meet in this special collaboration between Paul Smith and MINI. The MINI STRIP shines the spotlight on an innovative approach to the issue of sustainability in automotive manufacturing. Guided by the overarching themes of ‘simplicity, transparency and sustainability,’ the car showcases inspirational ideas for a more sustainable method of automotive design.

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As the name suggests, Paul spent the past few months working collaboratively with MINI to create this custom-made one-off car by radically deconstructing and stripping down a three-door MINI Cooper SE to its structural skeleton. The design is reimagined and reassembled using only the essential parts of the frame for a minimalistic look.

With sustainability at the forefront, environmentally-friendly materials, such as recycled perspex, rubber and cork are used for the essential parts of the MINI STRIP’S design, replacing the traditional leather and chrome for a bare and simple yet premium aesthetic. The raw materials are deliberately exposed and screws are visible to show how elements of the car, such as the aluminium steering wheel, can be dismantled and reused.


For a twist on this iconic MINI design, Paul adds distinctive colour and playful details to the interior of the car, which reveals the famous Artist Stripe, splashes of neon colour and even a small engraved drawing by Paul.

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