Our Commitments


To acknowledge our shortcomings and continually improve


To ensure our practices and policies exceed regulatory requirements


To quantitatively measure our impact and work with industry regulators


To better our sourcing and processing of raw materials


To apply our high standards to all our suppliers and partners


To share updates on our progress with our customers, employees and partners

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Long Term

• Make PS Paul Smith an 100% Sun Logo collection

• Use only organic or recycled cotton, verified by supporting industry leading standards such as GOTS and Textile Exchange standards

• Use only recycled (not virgin) synthetic fibres

• Source all leather from LWG, I.CE.I or ISO 14001 certified suppliers

• Source all wool, mohair, alpaca wool and down in a responsible way by supporting Textile Exchange standard

• We do not test on animals or accept any products or components that have been tested on animals and do not use species listed in the CITES Appendices

• All animal-derived materials must be sourced from farms with good animal husbandry

This Year

• Introduce eco-friendly wholesale and warehouse packaging

• Become a member of the Leather Working Group

• Become a Responsible Wool Standard certified trader


• Became a Global Organic Textile Standard certified trader (GOTS)

• 38% of our SS22 production carried the Sun Logo

• 47% of our SS22 cotton products used organically grown cotton

• 41% of our SS22 leather products used leather from Leather Working Group rated suppliers

• Launched our eco-friendly retail packaging which is 100% recyclable and contains 40% post-consumer waste

Community Care

Community Care

Next Year

• Implement a supplier risk assessment improvement programme

• Improve Higg Index BRM module social and environmental scores

This Year

• Implement a digital supplier risk assessment platform

• Develop a supplier risk assessment improvement programme

• Complete the Higg Index BRM


• Introduced modern slavery training

• Updated our Supplier Code of Conduct to include migrant worker and environmental policies

• Established an employee Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group

• Established an internal Sustainability Ambassador Group

• Completed the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index Brand Retail Module

Reducing Emissions

Reducing Emissions

Long Term

• Achieve 100% renewal energy tariffs in all directly operated Paul Smith buildings

• Achieve carbon neutral distribution globally

This Year

• Measure our carbon emissions in line with Green House Gas protocol

• Set carbon reduction targets using our base line of financial year 2021/2022


• 55% of our premises are on renewable energy electricity tariffs

• 100% of our UK premises are on green gas tariffs

• Installed LED lights in all new shop fits and re-fits

• Published a company-wide environmental policy

Increased Circularity

Increased Circularity

Long Terme

• Achieve zero waste to landfill globally

Next Year

• Roll out a global repair service

This Year

• In October 2022 we launched our Repair, Restore and Refresh service in all UK shops.

• Conduct an internal waste audit to identify re-use and recycle opportunities

• Develop and launch a repair service for customers in the UK

• Develop a guide for shop fits and strip outs to reduce waste and encourage circular and recycled design


• Zero waste to landfill from our Nottingham office and warehouse

• Added fabric recycling bins in our design studios

• Used leftover and surplus fabric to make shopping bags, gift bags and face masks

• Placed a ban on sending stock to landfill

• Developed a repair, reuse and recycle policy for products that cannot be sold

For more information, or if you have any questions about sustainability at Paul Smith, please contact: sustainability@paulsmith.co.uk