Dharma Taylor

As part of London Craft Week, London-born designer, Dharma Taylor, presents an exhibition of one-off pieces created especially for display at Paul Smith Kings Cross from October 4th.

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Dharma Taylor is a multidisciplinary designer of European and Carribean heritage with a background specialising in textiles and menswear. Her work is inspired by technology, poetry, ancient civilisations and the dynamic differences in cultures. Since graduating from the London College of Fashion, her work has been shown by a variety of national and international organisations and galleries including London's V&A and Tate Britain.

The unique woodworks in the exhibition are made from solid oak in memory of Taylor’s great grandfather, Harry Taylor, a self-taught carpenter from Liverpool based in Nottingham.

The large-scale textile work featured in the exhibition are inspired by Dharma’s childhood memories of sunsets in London and the way "light and colour would reflect on the rooftops and window panes of houses.


My work has evolved from menswear to now textiles for the home and furniture. I love this natural evolution in my work and I’m very happy to be able to work with new materials and create new work that isn’t just clothes anymore."

Where do you look for inspiration?

"Quite often I look to my surroundings for inspiration like with the rug I designed; inspired by my memories of light and colour on rooftops during a sunset. A lot of my inspiration delves into the past. Looking at childhood memories and making it relevant in the present. Or looking into my family ancestry and how family members would be self taught in different areas of design and making, such as carpentry and were able to make works of art, I find that really inspiring."

These pieces highlight the connection of craftsmanship within my family’s ancestry


How do you link your different disciplines to each other?

I think the link between fashion and interior is a very organic link which can be seen and felt in the pieces I’ve created. Had I not studied fashion I may not be able to create a beautiful design for a large-scale rug. The furniture may not be to everyone’s liking but I think it’s the translation of skills and respect for a new material which should be appreciated, I think the fact a fashion designer has made furniture from scratch is a great thing and lends itself to what craft is about.

What can you say about Paul Smith’s Foundation?

Paul Smith’s Foundation is an amazing platform set up by the man and the myth himself to help people navigate creative professions and anybody looking for creative tips. I was invited to share a few insights on the foundation social channels and to shine a light on my creative journey so far. I think this is an incredible resource for young people who are looking for authentic advice.

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