Revisiting the Classics: Paul on the Merino Roll Neck

It’s often the items we think about the least that we wear the most. In the first of a new series, we look to give a bit of overdue appreciation to those unsung wardrobe heroes that have never let us down. Here, Paul picks a personal favourite: the merino roll neck jumper.

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There are few among us who haven’t had their head turned by a nice statement piece every now and again. An oversized shearling jacket, perhaps, or a shirt with a deafening print; a pastel suit or a pair of bright orange cords. Our approach to fashion has always been defined by playfulness and a sense of fun, and so we believe in the importance of clothing that’s a bit out of the ordinary. After all, Paul is well-known for his love of colour and pattern.


While these more outlandish pieces may well command more of our attention, an entire wardrobe full of them would be incoherent to say the least. What’s needed first is a firm foundation, and offering those foundational pieces to men and women has long been a core part of what we do. Alongside his fondness for colour and pattern, Paul is just as well-known for his love a well-cut navy suit.  

Which brings us to the point of this new series, Revisiting the Classics, where we heap some much-deserved praise on those pieces which we’d be entirely lost without, starting with the merino roll neck jumper. With its flattering, face-framing design and sheer versatility, the roll neck jumper is nothing short of indispensable. Our version is knitted from fine merino wool, something of a natural wonder fabric. As Paul points out, ‘if it’s cool, it keeps you warm, and if it’s warm, it keeps you cool.’ Far from being a winter only item, the jumper’s light weight makes it wearable across seasons: ‘[It’s] one of my favourite sweaters, that I wear most of the year round, actually.’

Wear it with a suit, like Paul, or wear it casually with a chore jacket and jeans. It’s one of those pieces which really requires no thought whatsoever, as it looks terrific whatever you throw on top. As much as we like thinking about clothes, it’s always good to have those items which don’t require any forward planning, thus freeing up some much-needed space in your mind to think about (arguably) more important things. If you don’t already have a merino roll neck, perhaps it’s time you got yourself one.

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Words: Nathan Sharp