More Than A Candle. More Than A Diffuser.

Introducing the first ever candles and diffusers collection by Paul Smith. Designed to be reused, each two-tone vessel is filled with a scent that recalls some of Paul’s most cherished memories.

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Just like the perfume or cologne you wear, the scent of home is deeply personal to us. But it’s also one of those things that we tend to overlook. Home fragrance – namely candles and diffusers – is something we often leave to others, too, considering they’re often given as gifts. Don’t get us wrong, objectively speaking, they do make excellent presents, but we’re of the opinion that they should also be something you’ve chosen with care as a gift for yourself and to brighten up your living space.

La nouvelle collection de parfums d'intérieur de Paul Smith, qui comprend des bougies et un diffuseur élégant, est la première du genre et se décline en quatre parfums distincts et évocateurs : Bookworm, Early Bird, Botanist et Daydreamer.

Each scent is designed to recall some of Paul’s dearest memories, from cycling through sunny fields on his summer holidays to setting up shop in his first three-by-three metre store in Nottingham in 1970. Formulated with raw natural ingredients, sourced from around the globe from some of the world’s finest suppliers including LMR Natural, they are layered, complex and enticing scents created when Paul enlisted the help of some exceptionally talented perfumiers.

But Paul is also someone who greatly appreciates good design and art. Whether that’s a suit, a sculpture or a piece of furniture or decoration. And so, the two-tone glass vessels which hold each candle and diffuser have been specially selected, and their colour combinations carefully considered. They come complete with a lid, which doubles as a coaster to protect surfaces when they’re in use. Above all, with sustainability front of mind, they are designed to be reusable. After you’re done, we’d suggest using the empty jars as a vase, a toothbrush holder, plant pot or even just to hold bits and bobs.

“The creative process didn’t end with the fragrance,” Paul says. “I was always very keen to place a lot of focus and time on the design of the vessels themselves. I really enjoy the combination of colour and light in the containers, and I hope that they will become keepsakes in their own right.”


Smells like: reams of paper and parchment, library shelves and warming amber.

Memory: the endless stacks of books in Paul’s office.

Notes: Jamaican pimento berry, grapefruit and cedarwood.

The starting point for Bookworm was Paul’s Covent Garden office, which is filled with endless shelves of books, stacks of magazines and precariously balanced piles of records. When you light it (or first put the reeds in the case of the diffuser), we want to transport you to your own personal library, surrounded by a crackling fire in a wood-panelled room sat on a comfy leather sofa.

Early Bird

Smells like: rain falling on wet pavements, cloudy mornings and soft suede.

Memory: the reclaimed iron railings at Paul’s London shop.

Notes: Indonesian patchouli oil, iris and rain accord.

The main inspiration behind Early Bird was the unique façade at No. 9 Albemarle Street, Paul Smith’s flagship shop in Mayfair, London. The natural patination of the cast iron, weathered by the English rain, but still beautiful, is an abstract reference for a particularly complex scent. Ultimately, it’s a tribute to the poeticism of the English rain, but stands a thoroughly modern scent with spicy, leathery notes.


Smells like: gardening on clear, brisk day, peppery herbs and fresh citrus.

Memory: the clean-cut tailoring at Paul’s first shop.

Notes: Haitian vetiver, moss and lemon.

Botanist is inspired by the green vetiver scents that Paul used to perfume his first shop in Nottingham. Indeed, when you first smell it, you can quite easily imagine a crisp white shirt. But the key note, vetiver (a root) is also a particularly earthy smell, recalling being in a verdant garden. Lemon and black pepper accentuate that freshness and natural quality, to embody cutting plants and a feeling of closeness with the earth.


Smells like: walled gardens, classic herbs and cycling through sunny fields.

Memory: Paul’s summer holidays spent in France.

Notes: French lavender oil, clary sage and verbena.

A summer holiday like no other. That’s what Daydreamer is designed to recall. Imagining cycling trips, long lunches and endless countryside was the inspiration behind the relaxing scent. The scent was created using a bouquet of aromatic Provençal herbs – lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme, with blackcurrant and verveine added for a feeling of sunshine and colour. Subtle notes of hay then recreate the atmosphere of being in open fields on a hot summer day.

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