Our New Wintery Candle & Diffuser Scent

A smoky, wintery, and downright cosy scent, our new Storyteller candles and diffusers – the latest additions to Paul Smith’s home fragrance line up – evoke some very special memories for Paul.

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In the deepest days of winter, when the mornings are often grey and the nights long, there are few things cosier than staying in, perhaps lighting a fire (if you’re lucky enough to have one), and settling into a good book.

That’s precisely the atmosphere we were trying to evoke with the latest addition to our home fragrance collection: Storyteller. Available as both a candle (in two sizes) and a diffuser, the scent is smoky, woody and warming to evoke those snug wintertime evenings.

Like all of our candles and diffusers, though, the scent is based on something more specific: one of Paul’s treasured memories. In this case, it is inspired by the design and inspiration trips he used to take to the Nottinghamshire countryside. While there, he and the Paul Smith team would always be sure to light roaring fires to keep them cosy while they planned out and dreamed up the next collections.

Smells like: tales by the fireside, homespun blankets and aged wood logs

Memory: Paul’s inspiration trips to the Nottinghamshire countryside during wintertime

Notes: Madagascan clove bud, intense woods, birch

The name, too, is a reference to Paul’s personality and his love of storytelling – even as a designer, his collections and clothes often tell a tale. Formulated with natural ingredients, including Madagascan clove, patchouli oil, vetiver, birch, cade oil and more, the scent feels layered and complex, with a richness that’s perfectly suited to the season.

Like the rest of the collection, each candle comes in a glass vessel with a contrasting lid that’s designed to be reused again and again, long after the candle itself has gone. The diffuser can be refilled, or perhaps even used as a stem vase when you’re done.

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Published: 11.23
Words: Molly Isabella Smith