Designed By Paul: Blue Note Re:imagined II Vinyl

Introducing a special edition of the new Blue Note Re:imagined II jazz compilation record with vinyl art designed by Paul and inspired by his print collections and personal photographs.

Stepping into Paul’s office means truly understanding his maxim “you can find inspiration in anything”. There’s hardly a surface that isn’t covered with art, books, figurines, knick knacks, trinkets and, yes, albums.

His ever-growing pile of vinyl and records are stacked (in some instances, rather precariously we might add) around the room, spanning every genre you could imagine. It's safe to say, then, that music has long been a rich source of inspiration for the designer, serving as the starting point for the recent &PaulSmith collaboration with up-and-coming London designer Ahluwalia – and this recent project with Decca and Blue Note Records feels especially fitting.

The second of its kind, Blue Note Re:imagined II is a special project celebrating the best of jazz from the Blue Note vaults, reworked and remixed by some of UK jazz, soul and R&B’s brightest modern talents, featuring the likes of Kay Young, Nubiyan Twist, Reuben James and more.

A fan of the first volume released in 2020 (which he listened to while working on his autumn winter collection that year), Paul wanted to put his own spin on this new edition.

A limited-edition release, the album artwork is inspired by the process of creating cyanotype prints, which involves sun-bleaching imagery out of chemically treated fabric. The intense indigo and soft pale blue that results creates a dreamlike quality to the exterior. Adding his own personal touch to the artwork was also important to Paul, and so the inner sleeve features photographs taken by the designer as well as his father, each one evoking different memories, alongside a hand-scribbled note from Paul.

The eclectic design is a nod to the designer’s magpie-like way of working – not to mention his treasure trove of an office – and stands as a tribute to the jazz genre’s endlessly diverse inspirations. And, as a special bonus surprise, if you purchase your edition at, you’ll find it has been personally signed by Paul himself.

Le vinyle Blue Note Re:imagined II est désormais épuisé. 

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Published: 11.22

Words: Molly Isabella Smith