Coming Soon: Paul Smith + Lee

Paul’s very first shop at 6 Byard Lane, Nottingham, was a place for him to not only show his own designs, but to present his burgeoning customer base with his favourite items from other makers. One such item was a particularly excellent pair of painter’s trousers which he began importing in the early 1970s, from a specialist denim brand based in the United States. That brand was Lee – a name familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in denim, western wear, or Americana.

Bringing things full circle from those early days, we are excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Lee. We took the rugged, utilitarian designs that have made Lee an icon of American denim and set about reimagining them in a uniquely Paul Smith way. The limited-edition collection will contain jeans, denim jackets, jacquard pants, woven tops, and t-shirts. Stay tuned for more info.